What is the Estate Tax Exemption Amount?

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Congress passed a temporary law setting the amount of money an individual may transfer at death to a non-spouse at $11.18 million per person. This amount is indexed for inflation each year through 2025. On January 1, 2026, this law sunsets, unless Congress and the President make this law permanent. If the law sunsets, the … Read More

What are Your Options Under the Temporary Rent Control and Eviction Laws in the City of Santa Cruz if You Own Rental Property in the City?

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I have received numerous questions about the temporary rent ordinance in the City of Santa Cruz. While I am no expert on housing law, I am aware of one strategy that will allow rental owners to avoid relocation costs if they plan to sell or occupy the rental. Keep in mind that this is only … Read More

Does Your Trust Still Fit Under the New Tax Code?

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If your trust requires a division of assets into two sub-trusts on the death of the first spouse, your current trust may no longer suit your needs.  (Look to see if your trust mentions a Bypass Trust, “B” Trust, Exemption Trust, Marital Trust, or Family Trust). Many couples created their trusts before 2011, when there … Read More