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We are experienced attorneys who understand the legal requirements of these legal actions.  We provide experienced and effective guidance, advice, and representation to the family throughout the conservatorship process. 

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What Is a Probate Conservatorship?

A probate conservatorship is a court process for picking someone to be legally responsible for another adult.  A “conservator” is the person chosen by the court to be legally responsible and a “conservatee” is the adult who cannot take care of themself.  Most often, a conservatorship is essential for an elderly adult who has dementia or is unable to protect against fraud or external control.  A court may choose a “conservator of the person” to, for example, make medical decisions and control where the conservatee lives.  

A court may also appoint a “conservator of the estate” to handle a person’s assets.  If a person needs dementia medication or to live at an assisted-living facility, that is additional control that must be requested.  A probate conservatorship generally cannot be established, however, based solely on mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, depression, or alcoholism.  Our experienced probate conservatorship attorneys can help decide the best type of plan for the adult in your life who needs protection. 

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Our attorney, Amy R. Henderson, has extensive experience with conservatorships, having spent 10 years as a judicial research attorney for the Santa Cruz County Superior Court.  Amy reviewed the paperwork filed in all conservatorship matters, researched the issues and law, made recommendations to the judges about how the judges should rule, and attended all conservatorship hearings.

What Is a “Limited” Conservatorship?

A person may need a conservatorship when he or she has a developmental disability.  

Unless the court clearly gives all rights to the conservator(s), this type of conservatorship is a “limited” conservatorship because the conservatee keeps rights concerning:

  • medical decisions
  • where they live
  • education
  • social and sexual contact
  • the right to marry 

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